Driver's Education

Currently, Driver's Education Classes are not offered on the campus of the Stokes Early College High School (SECHS).  Students are eligible to take classes at any of the three traditional high schools.  Students will need to register for classes using the online form on the traditional school website.  We will make every attempt to try to advertise when courses are being offered; however, it is up to the student and family to keep check on the traditional school websites for dates.  Each school typically will offer a class in September/October, January, March, May, and one in the summer.

The fee to take the Driver's Education class is $65.


Students must be 14 and 1/2 years old on the first day of class. All classes will be held before or after the close of the school day. All students taking Driver Education must be enrolled in a Stokes County school, private school, or home school. The revocation of a student's driving permit license will result if a student is unable to maintain adequate academic progress or drops out of school. Adequate academic progress is defined as: passing 3 of 4 block classes each semester. Private and home schooled students must handle academic eligibility through the Division of Nonpublic Instruction. The SECHS will provide bus transportation to the traditional school in order to take the Driver's Education class; however, parents are welcome to provide their own transportation. 

Students must take 30 hours in-class and pass with an 80 to advance to the in-car training. Students will complete a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel.  Driver education registration will be held several times during the school year. It is the student/parent responsibility to register for driver education at the appropriate time. This information is found on the traditional schools' websites. When there is no registration form available, registration is closed. Periodically students should check the websites for any new information about driver education.

Further information regarding Driver Education in NC may be found at NCDMV under frequently asked questions (FAQ).



  • Upon successful completion of the Driver's Education Class, students will receive a "Driver's Education Certificate" from the instructor.

  • Students/families will apply for a Learner's permit through the NCDMV as part of the Graduated License.

  • Students/families will need to make an appointment at a NCDMV office.

  • Once the appointment is made, students/families should contact the SECHS office to arrange to pick up a "Driving Eligibility Certificate" which proves that the student is academically eligible to receive the permit. (This form is also required for students who are receiving their Driver's License.)

  • Bring the completed "Driver's Education Certificate" to the SECHS office to show proof that you have completed the class and if eligible, the office will issue you a "Driving Eligibility Certificate."  The "Driving Eligibility Certificate" is only valid for 30 days after issue, so if you have to retake the Learner's Permit Exam again, make sure that the "Driving Eligibility Certificate" is still current for the next appointment or request a new one from the SECHS office.