We are fortunate that beginning with the Winter Sports Season of the 2019-2020 school year, the Stokes County Board of Education approved for students that attend the Stokes Early College High School (SECHS) may participate in athletics at their school of residence.  

Students who are interested in trying out for different athletic teams at the three traditional high schools are responsible for contacting the appropriate Athletic Director and/or Coach at that school.


  • Students are encouraged to follow the traditional school's social media accounts and websites for tryout information.

  • Students must have a current sports physical (within a year of the tryout date).  It is a good idea to take a copy of this physical to the first tryout session.  Each school has a participation packet of forms, so we suggest that you check out their websites for details.

  • Students must be academically eligible to participate by passing at least three classes the previous semester before the sport season.  Details can be found on the Stokes County High Schools Athletic Participation Requirements document.  We suggest that you take your latest semester final Report Card with you to the first practice to show the coach.

  • In accordance with Stokes County School Board requirements, students participating in athletics are subject to the school system random drug testing program and must register for the "It's My Call" program.  This needs to be completed at the SECHS office.  Students and parents must complete the "It's My Call" form and pay the annual fee (currently $5.50).


North Stokes High School

Athletic Director: Scott Smith - Email Scott Smith

South Stokes High School

Athletic Director: Jason Clark - Email Jason Clark

West Stokes High School

Athletic Director: Jason Sammons - Email Jason Sammons


  • Transportation: The SECHS is not responsible for providing transportation to the traditional schools to meet practice or game times.  We can provide bus transportation to the school, but cannot guarantee that you will arrive before scheduled practice or game times.  Students/families may need to arrange for other transportation options, if necessary.

  • Class Attendance:  Students should not leave school early in order to attend practice.  If students need to leave school early for games, then they should bring a note to school indicating such. 

    • For high school classes, students will not be marked absent for leaving early to attend school-sanctioned athletic events; however, students are responsible for any missed assignments while absent.

    • For college classes, students will need to communicate with their instructor if they must miss class to attend school-sanctioned athletic events.  The attendance requirements for college classes will be up to the individual instructor.  Students are responsible for any missed assignments while absent.

  • School Calendar:  Keep in mind that the SECHS academic year calendar is somewhat different than the academic calendar at the traditional schools.  Athletic events and practices are likely to coincide with the traditional school calendar, so keep that in mind.  Inform and remind coaches when practices may be scheduled during the day when traditional schools may not be in session, but the SECHS is.

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Stokes County Schools athletics is going to this system.  Below is a "How to" document.